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Carers do a tremendous job. Carers don’t spend much time on themselves. During the pandemic, carers provided more care than before lockdown. The needs of people looked after by carers also increased as their therapies and care could not be carried out which resulted in a general deterioration of their physical health. Carers report that their physical and mental health was and is negatively impacted by caring through the pandemic. Carers were seven times more likely to be lonely than the average person and the restrictions and shielding have stripped away the support networks carers had. Carers report facing financial difficulties and feeling exhausted to a level of burnout.
This is why it is important to provide a safe place for carers to get support, have like-minded people around them and have some activities away from their daily routines.
With your help, we can support our carers, who support our clients.

Our Mission

The objects of the charity are to promote the care, welfare, interest, treatment and advancement of education of adults and children having cerebral palsy and other profound, multiple, acquired or other disabilities, particularly those living in the London Boroughs of Croydon, Sutton and Bromley.

Lee Bennett - Director of Services

The Garwood Foundation

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We have wonderful services that support our children and adults but are always seeking new volunteers and donors. We have plans to build a new hydrotherapy pool for our children and young adults and are looking to partner with local businesses in order to achieve this fantastic goal.

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