Committed to the provision of care, support and enrichment to the lives of adults with disabilities

Hydro Pool

The Centre has a fully accessible hydro pool which is equipped with overhead tracking hoists and situated in a Scandinavian log cabin with an ambient temperature of 32 degrees.

Members use the pool on a rota-basis and it provides an excellent base for exercise, providing a relaxing and fun environment for movement. The water’s warm temperature decreases muscle spasm, relieves pain and can increase range of movement. Each member undertakes a risk assessment to determine the level of support they need.

The hydro pool is also available for hire and enquiries regarding bookings can be made by contacting the centre’s office.

Cooking for Life Skills

The Centre has a designated training kitchen where members can learn how to cook meals and develop an understanding of nutrition. The centre also runs bake and take sessions for members living in the community.
2022 cooking 2

Fitness suite

The Centre’s an exercise room contains walking and balance aids, dumb bells and equipment for upper body exercise, including machines specifically designed for the fitness needs of wheelchair users.

2022 04 Natassia exercising

Learning Zone

The Learning Zone teaches our members basic skills such as learning to read the time, understanding money, Maths, English and computer skills to researching on the net and building their confidence with their IT skills. 


The wheelchair accessible greenhouse donated in memory of the Foundation’s former company secretary, Mary Hodgson, provides opportunities for members to take part in gardening sessions and to watch their plants grow.

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