Corporate Partnerships

Would your company or department like to fundraise for a local charity? Every penny will go into buying vital resources for our clients, such as Acheeva Learning Stations for our pupils or height adjustable tables to keep our adult clients comfortable.
Could you hold one of those for us? 
  1. A quiz
  2. Guess the baby’s name, either a colleagues or someone famous
  3. Have a disco or dance
  4. Sponsored walks/bike rides/runs
The options are endless…If you have settled on an idea, share our Give As You Live or PayPal page to the participants or create your own Give As You Live Page.
Additionally, contact Karin ( to have a dedicated text number set up.
The only thing left is to advertise on social media and let your friends and family know so they can join you.



Through Payroll Giving, you can donate to charities tax-free and this is the most tax-efficient way to give.
The donations are taken from your pay after National Insurance but before tax. A donation of £5 a month would actually cost an employee £4 from their take-home pay (if they pay 20% tax) or £3 (if they pay 40% tax).

Sponsor Events

We usually have a BBQ and a summer and Christmas Fayre. To sponsor one of our events will help us financially and will enable your brand to reach new clients.


Does your company support employees for volunteer events in the community? Is your company specialised in a certain field that could benefit us? Or would you just like to get out of your normal day-to-day work and don’t mind what you do? We will try to accommodate your employees in a Covid-safe way to volunteer. Please contact for opportunities.

Gifts In

Could you donate any items that might:
  • Support our day-to-day running costs (paper, plants, ink etc.)
  • Items we could use as raffle prizes
  • Items that we could sell in our charity shops?

Work For Good

It’s the simplest way of donating to charity through your business sales, especially if you are time and resource-poor.
Work for Good was set up to help charities raise funds from small businesses and offer businesses a fundraising platform that helps them to raise funds for the charities they care about – legally.
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