There are countless ideas how you could support us, ranging from having a marathon, giving up one of your favourite things for a while, holding a concert or a quiz online. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.
Ask your supporters to donate at any of our donation options .
Alternatively or additionally, ask for a dedicated text number for your event:

My Superhero Run

Could you be our Superhero? Or do you have a family, team or company full of Superheroes? My Superhero Run is a free virtual event on Wednesday 28 April 2021 (National Superhero Day) where individuals and families can run, walk, jog or scoot – whatever suits! – for 5km anywhere, anytime dressed in a Superhero outfit to raise money for charity and help us set a new unofficial world record of the most people dressed as a Superhero and photographed in a 24hr period!
For more info and to sign up:
  1. Hold an online auction
  2. Virtual walk or race
  3. Game night
  4. Pub quiz
  5. Corona Jar: Chose words you hear, see or say, like Corona, Covid, unprecedented and put a certain amount in the (virtual) jar
  6. Virtual Class or workshop: know how to do something really well, like soap making? Hold a class and sell tickets for your event.
  7. Talk: You are an expert on a topic? Hold a webinar or talk.
  8. Have a coffee break by donating the price of your favourite drink.
  9. Organise a dance-off or just a disco.
  10. Virtual Book Club
  11. Virtual Movie Night
  12. Virtual Wine Tasting
  13. Surprise us with your own idea
Once you have done a challenge, please let us have pictures and stories!
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