How your money helps

What your money buys

Have you ever wondered where your kind donations go? Here are just a few things the money is spent on to give you an idea of how much things cost.

pays for one 
Family Support session

pays for 1 
cycling session for 4 clients.

buys 1 arts and craft session.

caters for carers appreciation lunch.

provides 1 music session for up to 18 clients at Bramley Hill Day Centre.

allows us to buy gardening equipment for our gardening sessions.

pays for 1 annual service and MOT
for 1 minibus.

pays for 1 day at Bramley Hill Day Centre for 1 client.

would cover our monthly fuel cost for transporting clients to and from Bramley Hill Day Centre.

would buy a TV in to stream interactive sessions like music and movement into different rooms to encourage our clients to exercise whilst maintaining social distancing.

enables us to buy a height-adjustable table so that our wheelchair users can comfortably sit at a table to eat or do activities.

hot meals for our Bramley Hill Day Centre clients for 1 month.

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