Other ways you can fundraise for us

Don’t send me a card

We have joined ‘Don’t send me a card’. This is a service that sends an eCard for all sorts of occasions. This is especially helpful now that we don’t go to the high street that much. The amount you would have spent on a card and postage – or even a bit more if you prefer – you can donate to us. They have Fathers’ Day and Mothers’ Day cards, Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards, Thank you cards and more. 

Thrift+ to donate your second hand clothes

Individuals pack up their clothes into a ‘ThriftBag’ and send them to Thrift to be photographed and sold online.

Each time an item sells, the proceeds are split three ways:

  • 33% to Thrift+ (minimum fee of £5 )
  • 33% to the donor as Thrift+ credits
  • 33% to their chosen charity

Alternatively, the donor can choose to donate 66% to charity instead of earning any Thrift+ credits.

  • Donors can choose to support almost any charity in the UK. The charity does not have to be signed up with Thrift+ to benefit from donations.


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